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Areas of Expertise

Pain, Fatigue, and the Rest of Your Life

It was not that long ago that I suffered from constant pain and fatigue. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2002, when my youngest (of four) was a year old. Over the years to follow I devoted my life to finding effective treatment this crippling condition. I have been free of symptoms since 2010, and I have helped dozens of others to live pain-free.

Teens and Young Adults

I was an adolescent therapist for more than 30 years. One day, a teenager with Fibromyalgia walked into my office and changed my life forever. Chronic pain and fatigue have become increasingly common among teens and young adults. This has been my focus for now for 10 years.

Training for Practitioners

While there is an overwhelming upsurge in stress-related chronic illnesses, there is a shortage of practitioners to treat them. I teach a virtual course featuring a multi-disciplinary approach to treatment through the Jerusalem Coaching Institute. I am also available for consultation on a limited basis.

My Approach
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